Moto Display on Moto X Pure no longer showing Text Messages, Voicemail, Email notifications on lock screen


I feel this is the most useful feature of the Moto X – how you can see an icon instead of the “lock” icon below the time on the lock screen, and even peek at the text. But in the last several weeks, I no longer get these notifications from the most important apps: text messages, email and voicemail.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Moto Actions app. I uninstalled my Clean Master app, thinking maybe that was causing it. Restarting the phone hasn’t fixed it. I’m at a loss as to what to do to fix this.


Hi @melissaw.j6gpbw!

So does it still shows the black screen with the clock and turn on when you wave over it?



This is finally fixed, actually. I cleared the cache and that didn’t immediately fix it, and that’s when I posted the question above. But then I rebooted the phone and now it seems to be working.

But to answer your question, some notifications show up. But Text notifications did not, nor did voicemail or email. I’d blocked Facebook notifications, so those never showed up, but other app notifications would show up, but I don’t get them very often and they aren’t as useful to me as text and voicemail notifications.

Thanks for your help.


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