Moto E 1st Gen intermittant WiFi connection

My wife’s phone is on the Refund Base Plan + 0.5G data ( and she uses hardly any of the monthly data).
Over the last few months it appears whenever she visits an area that has an open WiFi (but never connects to it) and then returns home, the phone doesn’t always connect properly with our home WiFi.

The Republic eyebrow is active, the WiFi setting screen shows the phone connected to the home WiFi, but frequently the Wunderground weather app reports no internet connection, Hangouts messages don’t always send.

When this happens, what sometimes fixes it is putting the phone in and out of airplane mode briefly (thinking that the WiFi and cellular radios will re-start and re-establish connections). Sometimes we’ve resorted to a full re-boot.

Anyone seen this issue with this phone? Anything else we could try?

Jim G

Can you start by turning off bluetooth on the phone and seeing if by chance it behaves better with bluetooth off?

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In addition the the step suggested by @louisdi you might consider that your home WiFi could be the problem?
I would start with Step 1 of Quick Start in WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide

Power Cycle Network (1)

  • Access your phones WiFi Settings and ‘FORGET’ the affected router name/SSID
  • Power off your Modem, Router and Phone then start a sequential power up (un-plugging units is preferred)
  • Power up modem (if present), when it has completed its bring-ups, power up the router and wait for it to complete bring-ups.
  • Now power up your phones and re-authenticate to a properly refreshed WiFi network. This Best Practice should be done occasionally, but if you have to do it all the time, you should isolate and fix the problem
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You might even get some relief from this issue just by rebooting the home router.

Thanks - I’ll go thru the router steps. However, I’m not having any
issues with my phone (the identical device), nor with any other WiFi
connected devices.

Thank you, but Bluetooth is not (and was not) enabled on this phone.

Thanks, this was one of my first attempts at trouble-shooting this
problem. I didn’t have any great expectations that it would improve
anything since my phone and all my other connected devices did not
exhibit any WiFi issues.

OK, next would be a system cache clear on the device. They are the directions that start with the phone off: Clearing the Cache – Republic Help

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I understand that the ‘other’ phone works ok, but the router creates entries in various tables when a device connects … sometimes these can get corrupted (affecting just a single device), and only a complete reset will correct the problem. The sequence I referenced will allow each device the ability to clean up and restart fresh.

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