Moto e 1st gen No voice getting through to the receiving end on calls



I am using a Moto-e 1st gen phone. Today I started having problems making calls. When I make a call I can hear the other party just fine. But on their end they do not hear my voice. They do hear a bunch of mis mash audio kind of like the old landline cross talk but none of my voice.

Any ideas?

The phone is running 4.44 Kit Kat and has no apps except for what came on the phone when originally setup.

Any ideas?


Here are a few suggestions:

Restart the phone.

Clear the cache.

Test in Safe Mode.


I have restarted the phone and I have Cleared the cache. Not sure what the Test in safe mode is?


Since you are on KitKat this should get you to safe mode:

Safe Mode (KitKat 4.4.4)

If it works OK in safe mode the problem is being caused by an app. Otherwise, after trying all this stuff, you might have a bad microphone. Have you tried other WiFi networks? Is this happening on both cell and WiFi?


Thanks for the followup. I will try a different wifi and wipe the phone as soon as I can and see if it makes any difference. Tks again