Moto E (2nd gen) - 2 years old


My phone has been having the following problems:

  1. not holding a charge
  2. super slow
  3. being prompted to “Clean Junk” “Boost” every single day
  4. cannot answer phone immediately because the screen does freeze
  5. cannot text due to the screen freezing

I have been using this phone almost for 2 years. I hate to spend so much money for the phone. But I am wondering if it is time to buy a new one. I appreciate any feedback on my question. Thank yo.

Old guy, old phone

Hi @michikom.q8c8dd
There are some things to do to get you along and keep using that phone. The drawbacks are the fixes are temporary because it sounds like you are running out of memory - space in the phone.
I suggest looking at this list & see if anything is in your budget.


Things that may help extend the life a bit would include:


Hi @michikom.q8c8dd

#3 bothers me…

…sounds like a popular Antivirus app that I used for a long time until it became so invasive I had to uninstall it. There are many different opinions about AV and Battery apps, but in my experience, they often present more problems than benefits.

You may try the Clearing the Cache – Republic Help procedure to see if that helps. Also, you could run the device in Safe Mode – Republic Help to see if the phones behavior changes.


You might want to look at this thread: