Moto E 2nd Gen audio recording



I recorded an audio and sent it while texting. does anyone know how/where to access this audio recording now, other than in the text?


you have to go in to the text thread and download it (long press the recording)


Sep 20 at 2:28 PM
and then where does it show up?

I did the long hold, then save attachment (only option similar to download)


it should be in the down load folder


i do not see a download folder anywhere.

ok i do see a download folder, but it’s empty.


Hi @barabbas

You should have a download folder (app) in in the App drawer :appsicon:

It may have found it’s way to an audio file folder depending on your installed apps.


I do have a Download folder in the App drawer. and she’s empty. :slight_smile:


When doing this on my Moto X 2nd I fine the file saved in downloads app, both Amazon music and Google Play Music apps had the recording playable, and in my explore app found it in the download directory [I’m using Total Commander app]


could be the Moto E that i have is behind the Moto X


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