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For moto e 2nd gen phones, to preserve the battery, is it better to try to keep them plugged in whenever possible? or is it better to let the battery run down some?

Hi @gillianf.jo5pvv,

In my experience, it really doesn’t matter. Generally, when I’m around power, I keep my phone plugged in and topped off. Current battery technology is tolerant of being kept charged. It’s probably not a bad idea to let the battery run down every now and then.

Hi @gillianf.jo5pvv,

You don’t want to keep the phone plugged in 24 hours a day for days on end, and you don’t want to use the phone extensively while it is plugged in.

I find both of these posts to contain valuable information about care for these phones’ batteries:

I kept my Moto X (2nd Gen) plugged in 24/7 for two years. During that period it was off the charger for a few hours about once each week when I was out and about. I handed that phone down to my Granddaughter when I got my new S7 and she is delighted with how well the battery holds up compared to the Moto X (1st Gen) she had used for two years. Her Moto X (1st gen) had been seriously discharged and recharged every day.

I realize this anecdotal evidence is just based on 2 phones but to me it confirms what I’ve felt all along: These high-end phones go into a trickle charge mode when fully charged, something I’ve confirmed with a device I have that displays the charging rate. Keeping them at 100% charge can actually extend the life for people who are, like me, retired and home most of the time. This correlates with the fact that most cell phone battery ratings are tied to the number of times a battery is charged. For example, if I leave my phone plugged in 24/7 for a week it undergoes 1 charge (the initial charge) but If I take it off the charger every day it undergoes 7 charges.

So when do you charge your phone?

So when do you charge your phone?


I charge my phones overnight. I keep my personal phone turned on while charging overnight. It is my alarm clock, and I have it set so calls and texts from “priority” (favorited) contacts will wake me, but others are silenced. That way if my college-age children need me, they can reach me.

I charge my work phone overnight too, but I usually turn it off.

On days when I use the phone a lot or am away from Wi-Fi and the battery depletes more quickly, for instance if I’m travelling, I might charge it while driving or at dinner.

Are you experiencing a specific problem with your battery?

Thank you. I have not been experiencing problems with my battery, but was beginning to watch some videos on it and realized it was draining the battery a lot. So wondering how to take care of the battery, and if it was worth watching the videos or if draining the phone too much was bad. I don’t want to risk the phone. … and then reading some of the above links made me more concerned. So it helps to know other people’s best battery practices. I appreciate your response

There was some conflicting advice on this site:

I heard:

  1. leave it on charger when not using it to keep it as fully charged as possible

  2. Another said that lithium batteries don’t like being fully charged either, thus indicating that keeping it on the charger was not good

Does it hurt to leave it on the charger?

Better to charge it frequently in small increments OR better to charge it once a day?

Is there a certain percentage to wait to until you charge it? It sounds like letting it get below 20% is not good?

This makes perfect sense… a Lithium battery in storage (phone turned off for months at a time) is best kept NOT on the charger, and at a mid-level charge rather than full or empty. But, if the phone is being used and can be kept on a charger continuously, the reduced number of charge/discharge cycles is more positive for the battery than the potential negative effect of staying at full charge for long periods.

@gillianf.jo5pvv wrote:

Does it hurt to leave it on the charger?

Staying on the charger is better for the battery than running the battery down unnecessarily.

Better to charge it frequently in small increments OR better to charge it once a day?
Is there a certain percentage to wait to until you charge it? It sounds like letting it get below 20% is not good?
If the phone is removed from the charger, might as well wait to charge until the battery is in the 20% to 50% range.

Always charge overnight if you don’t believe the battery charge expected by the morning will get you through that next day.

To keep a battery healthy, avoid …

  • Running the battery down to 0% frequently
  • High phone temperatures, whether environmental (phone left in direct sun or a hot car) or due to phone usage (i.e. intensive apps, such as gaming)
  • Charging a phone that’s hot.
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