Moto E 2nd gen became locked. will not got to opening screen

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I have a moto E 2nd gen plan, has data, refund plan
phone battery went used up . plugged in did not charge, and cannot get opening screen nor wifi connection.
when press power key and volume dn at same time get:
" AP fastboot Flash mode (secure)

console (NULL): null
battery OK
Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 0

What’s going on. Bill is current.

I need some direction and guidance.

Issue Description

Youre phone is in “Fastboot mode”
Nothing to do with your bill or service.
This is part of the phones built in recovery and advanced boot options system.

The power + Vol down key combo is how u boot into this mode.
U only do this if u want to get into this mode for some reason.
Normal power up is just hold power button for a few sec.

Assuming there is no hardware failure or software corruption that caused the phone to boot to this, u should be able to get out of this mode by selecting Reboot System, or Normal Bootup

Looks as this image form XDA site, on the bottom of it, there is the reason the phone is at this menu.

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