Moto E 2nd gen cannot pick up wifi anymore

Moto E 2nd Gen refund plan, no data

About a week ago, my boss came into my office and used the optimum wifi point i am always on. ever since then i have not been able to pick up the wifi. but neither is he he says. now i only get it over by the window where he sat when he was in here. he is also a republic user. what’s the deal. it even is giving me problems when i get hone, not getting on my network there.

A couple of thoughts:

  • The Moto E (2nd Gen) only supports 2.4 GHz, this band is notoriously crowded and you may be getting interference from someone that just added a new AP/Router (or even just power cycled their existing one)
    • At home you may want to do Quick Check 1 of Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide
    • Quick Che 2 (same Router Tweaks guide) provides info to measure visualize the WiFi that your phone is seeing and if you provide a screenshot the community may have some recommendations
  • Not knowing anything about your particular office environment, you may want to work with your IT folks
  • A quick trip through the Required Settings shown in Checklist - Phone Info: Moto E/G/X Legacy Phones should find if any settings have been inadvertatnly changed.

ok, a couple of good guides for sure. the home one not relevant at the moment, but i will check it when i get there.

i went through the Lollipop settings, and everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be.

I just had WiFi momentarily at my desk, but it’s gone again.

@Barabbas Are you still having this issue?

yes indeedy

Hi @barabbas,

If you go somewhere like McDonald’s or Lowes hardware is the phone able to use the Wi-Fi network?

Does the phone “see” your office network in the list of available networks?

Could you share a screenshot of your work network environment as described here?

@southpaw, been a while! Congrats to you by the way! (I am way late i know)

Yes i generally am getting WiFi in other places still - every once in a while it does not seem to pick up when i know it’s available (like home). just not my office anymore. strangest thing. i get it over by the window too, but that’s not where i am allowed to sit. :slight_smile:

the office network is visible, but not what i am looking for. What i am looking for is just an optimum WiFi hot spot - that apparently went cold.

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Am I understanding the issue is this one Optimum hotspot no longer shows up as an available network? If so, it could very well be it no longer exists.

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well, it still shows up, just not strong enough at my desk. at the window 3-4 feet away, it connects. again, it used to connect everyday when i came in to the office and sat down and put my phone on my desk.

95% sure the hotspot is in the building, since i know many of the offices have Optimum. but maybe not.

As Optimum hotspots are generally broadcast as a side network on a router provided by them to a business or residential customer this could be as simple as the router having been moved by the customer to another location in their office. Those hotspots come and go, move around, etc pretty much constantly. Not really anything you can do on your phone or through Republic about that.


well i guess that’s that.

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