Moto E 2nd Gen inbound audio drop mid-call

I have a motorola moto e 2nd gen phone. When I am the middle of a conversation my phone will go out…meaning I suddenly can’t hear the other person talking or they can’t hear me. What is going on with my phone? Do I need a new one?

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Does your issue happen on WiFi or Cellular or both? What is the quality of your signal?

Make sure your Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony Apps are up to date.

Here are some self-help troubleshooting steps

  1. Clear your cache and see if that fixes it.

Clearing the Cache

  1. Run the phone in Safe Mode

Safe Mode

If it works better in safe mode then it would point to one of your downloaded apps causing the issue.

You can try to delete them one by one starting with the most recent to see if that clears it up.

  1. The last resort option is

Factory Reset

If your issue survives a Factory Reset then you are probably looking at hardware failure.

  • The first question that @amitl asked is key:
    • *(Does your issue happen on WiFi or Cellular or both? What is the quality of your signal?) *
  • Personally, I would NOT even consider doing the Factory Reset until it has been determined that it is not a bad cell or WiFi, or a combination of both.
    • Please give the community the opportunity to help you
  • Options 1 & 2 are excellent suggestions
    • Clearing the Cache (do both System and App portion) will do some cleanup, and is always a good routine preventive measure
    • Safe Mode, will boot up the phone without your 3rd party apps loaded, and this can free some necessary memory that may not be available for normal function … if this fixes it you may need to find an app that’s using too many CPU cycles or hogging memory (holler back if Safe Mode helps, and some guidance for cleaning up apps can be offered)
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