Moto E (2nd Gen.) Not Charging


Two days ago, I plugged my phone in to charge overnight. It was at 2%.

In the morning, the phone was dead, and would not turn on. I have not been able to get it to turn on since - I have used two different chargers, and plugged each into four different outlets.

Is there any way to fix my phone, without ordering a new one?


Hi @johnb.o3hnxc,

When you first plug it in, does it light up to indicate that it is charging?

It is not, no. There is no indication it is charging at all.

at this point your most likely looking at a Micro USB replace/repair

try and find a cell phone repair shop near you here a link to a nation wide one

CPR Cell Phone Repair | iPhone, iPad & Computer Repair Services

Will do. Thank you!

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