Moto E (2nd Gen) notification screen always lighting up, kills battery

Hi - my Moto E (2nd Gen) notification screen is always lighting up, constantly flashing, which runs down and kills the battery. It’s also really annoying. Most phones like iPhones will light up once when a new Push Notification comes through, and then goes back to sleep. My Moto E will not stop flashing the notifications. I’ve recorded a video (see below) to show you. Is there any I can do? It’s been doing this forever and I’m finally fed up with it.

Moto display replaced the notification LED on the phone and turning it off will remove it all together, but it can be on in the Moto app/display

The movie shows a Daydream screen ... you have messages and Mail + a ' **> ' **that I don't know what it represents. My Moto E2 will show these until the screen times out then it's blank until I wake/move the phone.

  • I would check Settings/**Display** and see if you possibly have something other than the Clock turned on for Daydream (if it is turned on)?
  • You may also want to boot up in Safe Mode to help eliminate a possible app cause of the problem
  • When you check the Battery usage, are there other high battery users other that the 'Screen'? ... also tap the usage graph to see things occurring during the power usage time line (like Cellular network signal, Wi-Fi Awake and screen on)
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