Moto E (2nd Gen) rooting and privacy questions


How can I make sure I can restore my Moto E to its current state if I root it an use a bug fix to force the mobile radio to disconnect after sending data? I also have a privacy question about the Republic App.

  1. I only use the phone and text when away from my home or office wi-fi network. I disabled most of the apps that I don’t use to extend the battery life. I have a Moto E 2nd Gen with Lollipop 5.1 and found on line that the mobile radio on this model and platform may have a bug which prevents the mobile radio from disconnecting after sending data (presumably to Republic/Google). The solution I found was to root the phone (which is no longer under warranty) and install a bug fix using a patch they wrote for the Xposure Framework.
  2. If I root the phone, Motorola says it will wipe out all apps. I imagine this includes the phone and messaging and Republic Apps, and if so, is there an easy way to reinstall the apps that Republic needs?
  3. Where can I look to become more knowledgeable about everything involved with rooting the phone? I need to restore it to the same condition it is in now plus the bug fix, but I don’t want to try it without verifying that it will work with others that might be able to assist me if it trashes up my phone.
  4. I read the description on the Republic App and it says the app can record audio and take pictures without asking my consent. Can these features be blocked, or does Republic offer a version of its app that doesn’t invade my privacy? Since I have no idea what this phone is doing, I must shut it off for confidential conversations, and even then, I have no way of knowing that it is really off since the battery is still attached. Any advice?

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To my knowledge no one has had a successful root of a Republic Moto phones that’s on 5.1 is



I read the description on the Republic App and it says the app can record audio and take pictures without asking my consent.

When I review the permissions listed at: Republic - Android Apps on Google Play, I do not see a camera permission listed as the one you’ve described. Please point me to where you are seeing that.

Record audio, listed under microphone permissions, is required so that the app can record your voicemail greeting. It will not spontaneously begin recording the sounds around it in hopes of harvesting information from your confidential conversations.



Its buried pretty deep. If you go through the Settings menu, select Battery. Scroll down to the Republic App and select it. It takes you to a description of how the app uses the battery, and at the bottom of the page there is a button for App Info. tap the App info button and it takes you to another screen where the options to Force Stop and Clear Cache are on buttons. Scroll down this screen down beyond the controls to the Permission section. Tapping each of these permissions brings up a text box with descriptions about the features the app uses on the phone. Tap the record audio item, and it brings up a textbox with Microphone and says “Allows the app to record audio with the microphone. This permission allows the app to record audio at any time without your confirmation.” I ran across similar language regarding the camera.



Using the available app Advanced Permission Manager - Android Apps on Google Play I checked my Moto X (which would share the same permissions as your phone) … it verifies that Microphone use by the RW App is allowed, but I find no mention of the Camera being controllable by RW. The App will show you all of the different apps that can record audio other than the RW.




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Instead of rooting the phone , place a tiny piece of tape on your selfie camera and the backside camera. Fixed no problem!

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Republic Telephony App v - “This permission allows the app to use the camera at any time without your confirmation.” A phone app?

I really want to figure out how to fix the mobile radio feature so it shuts down after it finishes sending data to Republic/Google/Whoever Else. As I mentioned, this is a known bug. If there is another way to resolve this besides rooting the phone, reinstalling the OS and adding the third-party bug fix, and trying to restore all my apps, I would really like to find out about it or to know where else I can learn more information on trying to fix the issue.

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with the locked boot loader of lollipop build of the Moto OS Rooting is not even a real option

flashing a ROM (OS) that does not include the Republic modification would make you phone nothing more than a mini tablet (Republic hybrid VOIP/Cell would not work and other CDMA carrier will not allow this on there network (Verizon has only ever allowed Verizon based or regional unlocked based phones on their network and Sprint already black list Republic EMID as not compatibe due to the Custom ROM make it incompatible)

your Republic Telephony app is a bit out of data (update may be coming in a few days for you the most current is same level for the Republic Wireless app (I’m not seeing camera in the permissions for either app)




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Thank you @brucew.o1so9j ,

You can access the same screens you described by tapping Settings > Apps and then the app name.

I had not looked in the Republic Telephony app. I believe this may have been related to using the camera to record video or take pictures for MMS, or possibly to add a picture to a contact from within the Phone app. As @drm186 has pointed out, the Camera permission is not included in version, which was made available to 100% of subscribers on Thursday (4/27). You might check the Google Play Store app for a pending update.

Our app is not spontaneously spying on you; however, if you decide that you do not believe me, you might also want to consider what level of trust you have for any mobile communications company. Your calls, texts, and voicemail must travel across the company’s equipment and servers, as it must no matter which company you select.

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