Moto e 2nd gen says i have text msg but i do not


Moto E 2nd Gen
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in my text message app, i heard an incoming text yesterday, but i cannot see it. it simply says 1, but no message listed.


I’ve experienced this bug. It’s probably a reply to a group text. Switching the default messaging app (I used Anywhere) will read in the hidden text.

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the reply to a group text would make much sense considering the timing. but I am not sure how to switch the default msg app. not sure Anywhere is available on my model phone


i have a moto e 2nd gen and I installed Anywhere on it with no problems
only thing you may run into, is having a lot of apps already installed and not having enough memory


so i found the settings part but yes, I only have ONE option for Default Messaging. so i guess the suggestion is to install an app. trying to figure out why installing apps seems to have become the new “fix” to problems with the regular phone settings.

i have messed with my MSG settings and nothing seems to be able to bring the msg in.


sometime a bit will get stuck on in the cache for the app and that happens…


You might also want to install Anywhere on your PC.


why would i install Anywhere on my PC?

  1. You can message from your PC. I really like this and do it regularly.
  2. If you break your phone you have a way to message while your phone is being fixed.
  3. Soon you will be able to call from your PC too (I’m beta testing that now) which gives you even more flexibility if you lose or break your phone.
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