Moto E 4 plus browser question


Is it possible to install FireFox OS and not use the Google Chrome OS on my phone?


according to

is a discontinued open-source operating system

so do you really mean the OS or just the browser?

if you mean the browser then yes

if you mean the OS, not advisable!


I won’t try it

Thank you very much!


Just more information all Republic Phones so far have needed the Android OS (operating system)
The Legacy and beta Phones had a Custom version of the Android (which stop at version 5.1) which handle the WiFi first hybrid VOIP/Cell back up network
All current 3.0 phone (sold by Republic or BYOD) have to have at least Android Version 6.0 or later (which included need API to allow the WiFi first hybrid VOIP/Cell back up network) and have the build approved by Republic and use an Android App to integrate
Firefox OS was a late entry to mobile OSs (which aimed at budget models) and never could get a market and lack of an integrate app store meant it was never a real competitor to Android, iOS, Windows OS (about defunct), or Blackberry’s OS (now defunct also).
Now Web browsers are used to access the web and although Google Chrome is the Default browser in Android there are many that can be safely used including Firefox (which can be downloaded from the google play store app)


I give two thumbs up :+1::+1: to the Mozilla Firefox browser. Been using it forever. It continues to get better and has numerous useful add-ons available to extend the browser’s privacy protections, usefulness and productivity.


Agree and use on my phones, PCs, iPad and Mac. I needed to use Chrome to access RW Help search a couple of months ago when one of the web partners had issues and resorted to using it for Pandora due to some interface issues with Firefox. Chrome is an excellent part time or backup browser for those seeking distance from one of our mothers.



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