Moto E (4th Gen.) Available June 30th!



Today, we’re excited to announce that the new Moto E4 will be available via our online store for the introductory price of $99 beginning June 30th.*

See our full tech specs for more information about it’s available features.

Note: The Moto E4 will be compatible with our GSM network beginning June 30th. It will not be compatible on our CDMA network until later this year.

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Moto E4 CDMA, Sprint?
Out of stock--can I order anyway?

Would you please explain the CDMA exclusion in bold . Thank you.


Due to some changes with Republic’s partner, they aren’t able to launch it in CDMA at this time. As stated by @beng, this is temporary.


Which partner. Moto or Sprint?


Republic’s CDMA partner.


There is a technical limitation that we are working to overcome that keeps us from immediately offering the E4 on CDMA. The phone does have CDMA capability but we cannot offer it immediately.


Nice phone for the price; glad it has 2GB of RAM now.

Need that CDMA support! :smiley:


RW’s, Sprint’s or the E4’s limitation? Some of us do like open and frank discussions/feedback on technology.

Why even introduce the phone with it’s temporary limitations without answers?


CDMA is not like GSM and there are challenges we have to overcome. It’s not ready for this phone.

We have GSM working, so we are releasing it.


Will the E4 Plus be coming as well? That battery size is pretty enticing.


It is a cool phone, but I cannot comment on the future phones we may or may not carry. Marketing likes to tell those stories.


Understandable, My Moto X 2nd Gen will last me as long as it needs to :slight_smile: (hopefully).


One might have said the same thing about Republic 3.0, which was originally GSM only. We throw GSM and CDMA around in Community to differentiate coverage between Republic’s cellular partners. I find this unfortunate as there is nothing coverage specific about either GSM or CDMA. If Sprint were to drop CDMA in favor of GSM, its’ native coverage footprint wouldn’t change one iota.

If the E4 is ready for release when provisioned for use with Republic’s GSM partner, why delay that release pending eventual forthcoming support when provisioned for use with Republic’s CDMA partner (Sprint)?

In the next few years, CDMA technology will die its’ well deserved death. Verizon and Sprint will join AT&T and T-Mobile as GSM carriers. ■■■■, Verizon has even released a GSM (in the form of LTE) only dumbphone:


I am on the 6 months free promotion. Could I get the E4 and use my Sim card with the new phone. The Alcatel A30 I am currently using is very laggy


Yes, you can move your SIM card from the Alcatel A30 to any eligible 3.0 phone, including the E4 without impacting the 6-month free promotion.




So… anyone notice a few key differences of this phone?

For those old school phone users who remember how to go days without a phone charger, the Moto E4 has a removable battery. Even if the battery may not be as big as you want, you can swap it out for a fresh one if you are on the go.

Also, Republic is offering the phone for $99. All other news outlets are showing the unlocked version as $130. :smile_cat:


Did I read correctly that this will have a finger print sensor?


Hi @melissav.wzkpau!

Yes, you are correct. It will have a fingerprint reader. I hope that helps!



This might be a stupid question, but I will ask anyways, will this phone work with the Refund plan? I love my average $13.50 monthly payment.