Moto E Battery Replacement

Seem to have lost my Moto E6. Main reason I went with it was the replaceable battery. Looking at the Moto E. Is the battery replaceable?

No. The 2020 version of the Moto E does not have a removeable battery. It does have a higher capacity battery than the Moto E6. In addition, the Moto E (2020) has double the internal memory of the Moto E6.

Both the Moto E6 and Moto E (2020) are on sale right now at the Motorola website:


Thanks for your reply. If I buy from Motorola how do I get it compatible with Republic?


Buying either of these directly from Motorola will get you a factory unlocked phone which is compatible with Republic Wireless. Since you say you have lost your previous phone (Moto E6), you would need to acquire a Republic Wireless SIM card.

Thanks again for your help. I do still have my previous G3. Are all the Republic SIM cards the same. Can I use the one from the G3 in the new E6?

No. The SIM cards in the legacy Republic Wireless phones cannot be used in any other phone.

Thank You. I am replacing a lost e6 with same. Is it an easy process to transfer over the service? Are my contacts and photos on a cloud or something and will they appear on the new phone once I’m set up.

Thanks again.


Since the lost E6 is out of your control, just follow the onscreen prompts during activation, and whatever happens, happens. Your contacts and photos should be available if they were backed up. You should be able to see them now at and Most of your apps should also download. It’s possible your new phone home screen will appear exactly as your old home screen.

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