Moto E believe 1st or 2nd gen - not working after reactivating itself today

Moto E either 1st or 2nd gen (it’s older) activated itself again for the 30+th time since I’ve owned it. Now I am unable to do anything on it. No calls, no text, says I have no cell plan, I tried to update and get a comms-socket-error. Try to sync my google account won’t do it. Trying anything I can and nothing. It will not recognize the house wifi that I am using now (so yes it is fine) and when I turn the phones wifi on it just turns it back off. Wifi mac address is unavailable. The phone just turned itself off. I try to turn back on and it shows a dead battery but it is not dead, has about 60% on it. I plug into charger and it will turn on - says android is starting optimizing app # of 139, has 61% battery so is not dead but then turns itself back off when done and will not turn back on. Worked fine before this reactivation about an hour ago. My other phone on our plan is working fine. I tried to reset and even update but you need to be on wifi according to the troubleshooter I found:


  • Update the Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony apps to the latest versions



  1. Connect to a WiFi network ----- not finding any networks and we have several in our neighborhood it usually sees and if I turn on wifi the phone just turns wifi back off. Not to mention all the above problems so nothing is working.

That along with the power/battery issues you mention are tell tail signs that the phones hardware is failing. A very worn down battery past its life expectancy can cause such issues, so you may consider looking into getting the battery replaced…but that phone is very old now and it may be time and money better spent on getting an upgrade to a current model phone.

Yeah, figured it took a dump. Worked perfect before this except for the frequent reactivations. Oh well, it is our sign, we will be leaving RW as the signal in our area (near a national forest) is really bad and we lose cell service on the road for several miles, can’t even roam in these boonies. It was fun while it lasted. Time to move on. Thanks for responding!

If coverage is an issue, Republic has 2 network partners.
You old Moto is a Legacy phone that is locked to CDMA Sprint.
(So if you switched to another company that uses Sprint, your coverage would be the exact same.)
The new My Choice phones mainly use GSM Tmobile, but many do support CDMA Sprint as well.

If you share the zip codes of the areas where you need signal, other here can verify if tmobile partner would work better for you should you upgrade your phone and plan.

There are some places that indeed only have good service via ATT or VZW though.

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