Moto e "bring your own phone" help

We have been looking for a cheaper phone for our younger child and we found this Moto e on the Motorola web site. I have done the whole bring your own phone thing before, but I can not seem to find a model number on this phone and don’t understand how to find the “channel” thing since it is saying not all channels are supported by Republic.
Will I need to contact Motorola or is there something on this page (below link) I am missing??

Hello @janelle.bku4gn

Welcome back to the Community!
That Phone will work with Republic. :slight_smile:

Here is Motorola’s carrier checker page:

I believe right now, Motorola and Republic have the same price (and Republic will include the SIM)


Thank you for replying, I would prefer to purchase from Republic but didn’t see this phone listed…how did I miss it? I’m pretty sure I looked today before looking elsewhere.
Thank you for answering super fast. My daughter is ready to go with this.
Does it come with accident insurance or warranty?
There is a coupon on the Motorola page…any coupons?

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

Here are a few more links that I hope can help you answer those questions:

I’m not aware of any coupons from Republic.

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thank you.
I am having trouble with the coupon code it some how added to my order for having 1 GB data. We aren’t going to buy data and I am not finding a way to remove this code and try a different I found. Any suggestions on this? or a coupon code we could try?

I would open a ticket and ask Republic for some help with your order :wink:

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

It may not be necessary to open a ticket. There is not, to the best of my knowledge, an active coupon that would add 1 GB of cell data to an order for a phone. Furthermore, generally, active Republic coupons good toward service are applied when activating a phone after receiving it not when ordering it. Might we have some background as to the origin of this code?

Republic is offering discounted service (unlimited talk and text plus 1 GB of cell data) for 3 months if the line of service is new. If the new phone for your daughter involves new service as well, I see no reason not to accept Republic’s offer but it would be applied after receiving the phone during its activation as outlined by Republic here:

After the 3 months of discounted service, you may remove the cell data if desired by changing the plan as described by Republic here:

You would want to make the change just after the 3rd month of service started, so that it would take effect beginning with month 4.


I did not ever type in a code for this deal. My daughter’s phone will just replace an existing Republic phone, so as I have said, this deal does not apply to us. I did open a ticket and have asked this same question there…and answered as below
This code got applied on it’s own. I did not add a code. I was looking around on line (we are very low budget), and clicked through a code I found for $30 off here:… . Thinking that messed something up, I have deleted the phone out of my shopping cart 2 times since that didn’t work I cleared my browser data, closed all tabs, logged out, closed browser, added back the phone and the deal remains there. I guess if there aren’t any other valid codes I could use, I guess it does not matter that this one can’t be removed so I can add a different one. I was just trying to find a discount. I can get a small discount from Motorola using a code there, but with having to purchase a SIM card, it isn’t that much less…however your shipping is quite high

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

Other than in very rare instances, there are no third party websites offering valid codes when purchasing a phone or other items from Republic’s online store. I clicked through the purported $30 off code at the site you reference and nothing is actually applied. A code (that likely won’t work) is copied to my web browser’s clipboard. I would then need to paste said code during checkout, however, as mentioned it isn’t likely to work.

Republic is not offering nor are there otherwise any currently valid discount coupons toward purchase when upgrading one’s phone. What happens if you attempt to purchase the Moto E by going directly to Republic’s online store (without clicking through any third party links) here: moto e – Republic Wireless?


Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

If purchasing from Motorola directly is of interest, Republic’s GSM SIM can be had for as little as $1 at Amazon. If one is a Prime member, Amazon’s shipping would be free.

As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones. To be certain the GSM SIM at Amazon would provide a good coverage experience, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

Finally, please be aware this conversation is taking place in Republic’s online Community (a public Internet forum). Most of us myself included are fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members). That said, we help folks acquire phones for use with Republic every day. Candidly, a Republic agent’s ability to help with purchase of a Republic compatible phone from a third party is somewhat limited.

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Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

We currently have a promotion in place, as highlighted in the top banners in the online store, where new service lines will get Talk & Text plus 1 GB of data for $10 a month for three months.
That promotion manifests itself as an automatically applied coupon code in checkout. It does not add data to your account and if you are upgrading a phone rather than adding a new service line, it simply won’t apply when you activate the phone.

Sorry that it caused you some confusion. You’ll pick your data plan (or no data) when you activate. I’m also sorry our Community members were unaware of how this promotion works (that’s my fault) and were not able to better advise you, leading you to need to open a ticket.

Edited to add:
I just took a peek at your account, and it looks like you’d be better off asking our Help Team for a CDMA SIM card for this upgrade, rather than purchasing a SIM card from us or Amazon. Since that seems to make Motorola’s online store your better option for your purchase, you can request the SIM card using the instructions below, once you’ve ordered your new phone from Motorola:


thank you ! I remember the “special” SIM card we needed before!
soooooo :grin:
It would not have been a problem except I couldn’t add a different code to try. Now that I realize there won’t be any, it is pretty much not necessary to have it removed.

I have asked before for help with 3rd party purchases, and have gotten help and have learned alot about how to do that. I expect to have something picked out and then to ask for help be sure it will work if possible, before purchase…instead of having a big issue talking to you about it after the fact :roll_eyes:
Again, I would prefer to purchase from Republic whenever possible.
So my daughter counted the money in her piggy bank and realized she has more than she thought. We are looking at the Moto g power now which sadly enough is back ordered through Republic. …and her phone is near death…
again, I can not find a model number for this phone on the Mortorola site, will I have to contact them to confirm it is correct, or … again…am I missing it on the listing some place?

…I am hopeful to get some good help here as I have in the past!
thanks !
This phone:

Hi @janelle.bku4gn,

Yes, the phone you linked is the version we support. I’m going to DM you some additional information, too, though, so hang on just a few minutes before you order.

Ok. We will wait. Getting our groceries now :grinning:

I sent the DM right away. You (and only you) can view it here:

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