Moto E Camera Problems


Hello. I’ve been having this problem for some time now. I’ll take a couple of photos, and then when I try and take another photo, the screen is black. I’ve tried shutting the phone down, and then repowering - that won’t help.

I also have problems with shooting video. I’ll be shooting a video and it will say “camera error” and then crash.

Any ideas? I’m ready to return it. It feels like this phone is a lemon.


A few simple things to try

a) Make sure your Camera app is up to date, if not install updates from the Google Play Store

b) Restart in Safe Mode and see if it is more stable

c) Clearing the Cache

You can also take a look at these troubleshooting steps from Motorola

Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola

Follow the appropriate link for your phone model.

See here for more details on warranty and replacement, if you want to explore that option

Return and Replacement Policy

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