MOTO E Gen 2 echo

I have a MOTO E Gen 2. I cannot carry on conversations with people because they are constantly hearing their own echo or I sound like I am in a tunnel. Any ideas? The is worthless to me at this point.

  • Ensure your at the latest Republic Wireless Apps (both 2nd & 3rd shown here)
  • Determine if the problem occurs on both WiFi and Cell (or just one or the other)
    • You can use the Manual handover feature to test … RW App/Settings and under Advanced settings check both ‘Allow manual handover’ and ‘Enable handover on networks’ make a call and once it is established and you know the quality then handover to cell or WiFi … toggling back and forth will help you narrow it down

This was the phone with the black tape fix. Which makes me wonder if the operating system was ever updated. @larkf.uruztd needs to check the installed apps to see if Motorola Update Services is installed and then check the phone settings menu for any missed system updates.

Moto E (2nd Gen.) Audio Issues Update

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