Moto E hotspot and tethering

My Moto E has USB tethering and portable wifi hotspot switches that are disabled and attempting to turn them on a popup comes up saying I need to switch to a republic Refund plan. Which plan is that on the webpage? Can I switch back to the $10 plan if I dont like it?

If the answer is no, is the plan linked to the phone or the account? In other words, if I cant switch back with current phone can I switch back with another phone, even if it is a republic moto E 1st Gen phone that has never been activated?

Hello. If you’re receiving that message, it indicates you’re on the old legacy Republic 1.0 Plan (Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans – Republic Help) Once you leave this plan for the Refund Plan you’ve lost the plan forever. It would not be possible to go back to it on that phone or on another phone.

That said, if your concern is simply the base $10 talk/text plan, then the Refund Plan (What Are Republic Refund (2.0) Plans? – Republic Help) has the same $10 base plan. The difference between the plans are the data options. The 1.0 have the $25 Unlimited 3G and $40 Unlimited 4G options while the Refund Plan is $15/GB.

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Hi @dons.bfemfx,

I’m a little confused about what you’re hoping to do by switching on that switch, and I want to make sure your understanding of it aligns with what it actually does.

You mention being on the $10 plan. Our legacy $10 plan does not include any cellular data.
In order to use the portable WiFi hotspot, you’d need cellular data, so you would not be able to stay on the $10 plan to use that feature.

We do not recommend use of the USB tethering option, because there is an Android bug in the operating system that makes our app count WiFi data used during USB tethering as cellular data, which mean it comes out of the data purchase you’ve made each month.

(It may be that you already understood all of the above and wanted to use it temporarily, then switch back to the $10 plan, in which case Louis’ explanation that you’d have to move to the Refund plan to use data this way, then move to the Refund plan’s $10 Talk and Text billing is the answer you need!)

no, I would like to stay on the 1.0 plan and have the freedom to go between 10, 25, and 40 as needed. is that possible?

Not if you want to have access to tethering. Those plans do not offer tethering.

since tethering is problematic regarding charging, can forgo tethering and only use wireless option. will that work?

Let me try to be clearer. It is not possible to tether, hotspot, or share you data in any way on the 1.0 plans you are on. It is both prohibited by the terms of the plan and disabled on your device when you are on this plan.

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