Moto e looks good to consider

I hear you guys will get the new Moto e phone coming out on June 12. Will be watching.

Hi @josephs.humgw3,

What do you like about it? What are you using now, and what would make you want to move to the new Moto E?

The screen size, processor. Current phone is e4 plus

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Oh and a good price

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We would stick with rw. Good service and coverage. Other phones I saw did not have rw as a carrier. We won’t go to any other carrier. Keep up the good work.


Can’t wait till you guys have the Moto E on your site to consider buying. Or what would the SKU code be to make sure it will run on rw network.

Hi @josephs.humgw3,

I’ve merged your new question into your previous conversation on the new Moto E.

If/when we support the phone, we’ll announce the support along with the compatible models in our #news category. BYOP information will be available at https://republicwireless.byop and we’ll update our Help Center list of compatible phones, as well. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

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