Moto E missing app button on screen

Why does my screen not show an app button? How do I get one? It went missing with the new update.

Go to the list of apps, long-press on the app (button/icon) you have lost, and then place it back on the screen. With a little practice this will become familiar to you. Also, it is common to accidentally move an icon (button) from one screen to the next. Swipe your screen to the next screen and see if that is where your icon is.

Were you able to restore the app shortcut button to your Home screen?

No, a app icon button doesn’t exist. Doesn’t matter now anyhow, because the phone is now stuck at Boot mode and shows it is locked, so I can’t do a recovery or anything. I suppose it’s time to trash it. Thanks for responding anyway.

You can’t get to the so-called app drawer because that button is missing? I wondered if that wasn’t your initial issue but thought I would follow Bill’s lead and see what your reply was. Also I wasn’t sure how to restore the all apps button, so I was kind of hoping it was just the shortcut for a single app. Bummer.

The ‘Device is Locked’ message in the bootloader means that you can only install official Moto updates. You should still be able to get into recovery mode unless something else is causing a problem. But sometimes the phone will fail and will only go to boot mode and Recovery mode can’t be reached or if it is reached a Factory reset doesn’t run and drops you back to the bootloader. Is that the situation you are facing at this point?

I have sometimes had difficulties getting into recovery on a couple Moto phones but eventually it worked. Don’t know if it was the phone or me. But if you can get to the Recovery menu and the FDR does nothing you are well and truly stuck. Are you out of warranty?

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