Moto E Sim Card Reading Issues

Hello everyone,

I have received my new phone from Republic Wireless. I’ve done some research online and i’ve come across videos about Moto E and the sim card issue.

I am planning on sending my phone back for two reasons:

  1. The SIM card reader in the phone is either not working or a faulty SIM card.
  2. FedEX has mis-delivered the replacement SIM card.
    3)There are videos out there that indicate that the above is a known issue in Motorola Phones.

It seems like Motorola phones aren’t as good as they use to be since I have come across topics and videos relating to its Sim-Card Reader issues. I have done the Sim Factory Reset steps, and the SIM still reads as unavailable. Its either a hard-ware issue with the phone, or the sim card itself is faulty and was not checked before being sent out.

As mentioned my second issue is that FedEx said to have delivered my package today on the 11th of January 2021 at 11:03 a.m. I go outside my home and find no package neither in the mail-box or on the porch. I live in a decent neighborhood so I know that the package was not stolen but more than likely, misdelivered to another address. I currently have the old sim-card and not the new one that was sent.

I cannot use the phone except for Wifi Purposes. I have now Factory Reset the phone and have all the contents the phone originally had to be sent back to Republic Wireless due to these issues. I have not activated the phone service because it won’t allow activation without a working Sim Card.

Has anyone gone through the return-phone process? It says I am eligible since I have purchased the phone on the 31st of December on 2020 and did not receive it until the 5th of Tuesday this month in January.

Hi @aprilm.8gyehn,

It looks like you have two tickets open on this matter. Please allow our Help Team to assist you with the actual process of confirming this phone is defective and what to do next.

It seems you may be just looking for some commentary from our Member Community about their experience returning phones. Was there something specific about that process you want to know?

I am wondering if there are other RW members that have had sim card reading issues with this particular phone brand

I’ve been answering questions for Republic as part of their Expert Customer program for about 5 years. SIM card reading issues are few and far between. The last time there was any real traffic on that was back on the Moto E4 and it was quickly fixed via a software update from Motorola.

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