Moto E Sim Card

Does Moto E I purchased from Republic have a sim card?

if it’s a 1st Gen Moto E then no it does not have a SIM card as a CDMA only phone it didn’t need one,

If it’s a 2nd Gen Moto E then there is a SIM card that allows access to LTE 4G data but note that this SIM card is unlike a GSM SIM card and Must stay in the phone (even when giving or selling the phone) there no personal or account information in the SIM card of 2.0/1.0 phones {Moto X 1st, 2nd, Moto E 2nd or Moto G 3rd} as they are link to the phone which is registered to the user account and network (where in GSM phones the SIM card is where the User account and network registration take place.

This also means if upgrading to a 3.0 phone via BYOD you would need to purchase a 3.0 GSM SIM Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Moto E (1st Gen.) has no SIM card (not 4G LTE capable)

Moto E (2nd Gen.) has a SIM card (4G LTE capable)

The SIM card in the 1.0/2.0 phones/plans is only used for 4G LTE data connectivity.

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