Moto E2 does not recognize WIFi signal that is available on my MacBook Pro



My Moto E2 no longer recognizes WIFi signal that is available on my MacBook Pro.
What happened?
Any advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


The MacBook may be attached to 5GHz … (unable to tell as far as I know)
The Moto E (2nd Gen) is 2.4 only
I would start with a Power Cycle of your network
That link will get you to the “WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide” to provide additional WiFi help


It can be determined on a Mac. Holding down the option key (typically labeled alt if using a PC keyboard with the Mac) while clicking the fan-shaped WiFi icon in the Mac’s menu bar (upper right) will provide that information among other things.


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