Moto e2 no roaming


What phone do you have? Moto E2

What plan are you on? Old $25 5 megs

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 6 megs data.

Issue Description

When away from Sprint Network i have No roaming? My other Moto e1 with republic roams. Today was in Hot Springs NC. The Moto E2 no service. the Moto E-1 Roaming full service. Tried to update PRL said NO data network. Checked in the settings that roaming data is on But its NOT blue. Where do i start?


That is 5 of data…not 6…


Looks like the old plan NO data roaming… Or roaming… Time for a NEW cell provider.


would try for an open wifi, somewhere, there all over the place

were you carrying both the e2 and e1?

would have done a hotspot on the e1 and tether the e2 to it just to do the prl update,6720,9146


Please open a ticket with Republic support, as voice and text should work [like it does with the Moto E1] this is not something the customer to customer forum will be able to help with.

edit to add link to similar issue


I am experienceing the exact same problem in rural Georgia. Traveling with a moto e g2 that won’t roam and a moto e g1 that has no problem roaming. Nothing is fixing the g2 and i would like an intelligent answer.


Hi @larrys.y7m8xg,

This issue is not something the Community can solve, because it’s not fixed by a setting on the phone. This issue will require a solution from our carrier partner.

I found your ticket and added some notes to let the team know that your ticket needs to be investigated to determine whether it is part of master ticket 1461874. One of our technicians will be in touch with you through the ticket once they’ve had a chance to research your issue.


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