Moto E2 Upgrade time

i have a moto e 2nd gen.i’m looking to get a new phone. i’m not into pictures other than basic sending a few once in awhile. and i don’t play any games. i know very little about software and apps. what i’m looking for is communicating with someone who has an iphone. i’m looking to send more than texts and pics.i dont really know how phones can be used in a business having only a moto e. i have been looking at the motog5plus and the e4. maby i need to go moto x4 with 3 gigs of ram and over 2mhz

Hi @nickf.tezg0v

If all you are looking to do is communicate with someone else, any phone will do. The Moto E line is a good budget phone that can handle the basic tasks.

What is going on and why do you want to upgrade? Is it just time or is your phone acting up?

The larger issue at hand is that you mention that you want to interact with someone who has an iPhone. Apart from the text and picture messages which uses a standard cell phone service, iPhones tend to be in their own walled garden. Apps such as Facetime and iMessage don’t exist for other phones.

If you are looking to do more than texts and pics, you want to use another app which can be installed on both phones. This can be something like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik, Google Allo, Skype, Signal, etc. This way, both phones are using a common chat system to communicate.

Honestly, based on your requirements, I believe that spending on anything more than the e4 would largely be a waste of your money as it has the capabilities to do all that you/ve asked.

the other day while on a cell signal i tried to connect to the internet, i dont usually don’t use my phone to visit websites.but it timed out before it would connect which is why i don’t use it.i think it has to do with clock speed.

I’m quite sure it doesn’t have to do with the speed of the processor. It most likely has to do with with the plan you are on or the network in that particular area.

would any of these apps work fine on the g5plus, or the lessor model i think it a g4… and if i open a website does it go thru on a cell signal or does it have to be wifi

It entirely depends on the plan you choose. On your current phone, if you open the Republic App, what does it say there below your phone number?

base plan +0.5gb cell data… to my other post not g4 but e4

So you should have cell data as long as you have data remaining and it is turned on. I doubt the issues you are seeing have to do with the phone, but rather with that data either having already been used or it being turned off. What does the Republic App say for data remaining?

i think i’ve used 200 mb.

Ok, so you are getting access to data then. Are there specific apps that you’re having issues with?

no i don’t use any.happy willow listed a bunch, it would probably do me good to practice.would more ram help me connect?

No, more RAM wouldn’t impact your ability to connect.

■■■■. thanks a heap glad i got ahold of you

LOL. And as far as the list that Happywillow posted, all should work just fine on your E2.

i just tried to reach the weather channel while on a cell signal and it said google unavailable. then i turned on wifi and the weather channel opened immeadietly

When you turn off wifi, what does your signal look like? Do you have signal bars? Are there letters next to the signal bars? If yes, what are they?

lte one or two bars

its cdma but i never have problems calling

And no triangle near the signal bars?

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