Moto e4 advertisements?

Hi. I don’t have a plan yet, and I’m waiting with online chat to find if the moto e4 is in stock. Here’s my question:

A moto e4 review on the RW page for the phone, Jan. 27, says “To many commercials. At times, unable to answer incoming calls because of to many other items.”

I read a review on another site that says the $99 version of the phone (from Amazon, at least) has lockscreen ads, but the $129 version doesn’t. RW sells the moto e4 for $129. So will I see ads? Thanks!

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the phones you buy from RW does not have ads, lock screen or otherwise, RW doses not put 3rd party ads on their phones

the $99 version you get on amazon does have ads… and it is ads for stuff amazon would like you to buy from them…

so to sum it up, no ads on RW phones…

and far as the review about not being able to answer incoming calls, I am going out on a tangent and say the person install an app that likes to pop up ads all over the place…
but if it is a true amazon lock screen ad, the ad will go away when you unlock the screen.
I got a moto g4 play with ads and it is really not a problem…


I’m curious why you’re waiting to chat to ask whether the E4 is in stock. It’s currently showing as available in our online store. Is there anything else we can answer for you? In case you have not received the answer from chat yet, the Moto E4 is in stock and can be found here:

As stated, Republic does not sell phones with ads. Amazon does sell a version with lock screen ads, and some apps that others install on their phones will show ads, but straight out of the box from Republic’s Online store is ad free.

Thanks, southpaw. (And thanks, everyone, for all of the quick answers!) I must have missed the availability info. I’ll search for an answer to my next couple of questions and post them to the right forum(s) if needed.

We’re very glad you’re asking questions before making a purchase! Please let us know if there’s anything else you need to know.

No, thanks, @southpaw. The forum post mentioning extended-life battery and charger makes me sure that I Need This Phone. :grinning:

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