Moto E4 and 2019 Camry

I had a car accident and the insurance company MAY decide to total my 2003 Camry despite teh fact that the damage is likely mostly cosmetic … (I hope not as it only has about 98K miles on it!)
(BTW no one was hurt)

In any case I may have to get a new car and if so I am looking at a 2019 Camry and I have a Moto E4 I got from Republic.

Toyota does not support Android Auto but as of this year does Apple CarPlay (which does me no good).

On the toyota web site if you check phone compatibility, you not only have to select the phone, but also the carrier and Republic is not listed…

Choosing T-Mobile it gives a different model of the Moto E4 than what I have…

Would my Moto E4 work with it? If so what would be the limitations as Android Auto is not supported?

Anyone have experience with this combination?


  • Karen

The E4 works just fine with Android Auto (as do basically all Android phones running Android 5.1 or newer) . Are you sure what you checked on the Toyota website isn’t for their Entune system rather than AA?

Thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstood my question.

As I said in my original post I know Toyota (and thus their Entune system) does not support Android Auto. All the reviews of the 2019 Camry say that.

In addition I can’t determine on the Toyota website if the Republic Wireless Moto E4 will work with the 2019 Camry, and if it does what limitations it will have.

  • Karen

Bluetooth is Bluetooth and if one version of the Moto E4 work all versions should work
basic Bluetooth functions should include audio play though and voice calling most should also include text reading and response (though my be from a set list of responses)
I would not expect a screen display on the radio

Your local Toyota dealership would likely be happy to walk you through the phone pairing process and answer any questions.


If Android Auto is something you really want in a vehicle then it might be worth shopping around for other mid-size sedans that support it. 2019 has been a great year for the mid size sedan market and in general consumers are spoiled for choice right now.

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Hi @karena.jbbkpf,

Just wondering how you’re doing after your accident, and whether you had to replace your car? If so, did you find out a definite answer about your phone’s compatibility with the car?

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My car was not totaled and I did not need to get a new car so i stopped looking into it.

  • Karen

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