Moto e4 back cover hard to remove?


I really like that the moto e4 has a removable battery. Before the Nexus 5X I have now, I could carry a spare battery and pop it in; the phone would instantly have a “full charge”. (Then, if I’d like, I could put the dead battery in an external charger and keep using the phone while the other battery charged. I didn’t need to carry a large “booster battery” and a USB cable.) That’s what I want to do – though I’ll only do it when I need to keep using the phone and can’t be tethered to a charger (and if I can find an external charger and spare battery that don’t cost half as much as the phone…).

But I read a review on the RW Moto e4 page, on Jan. 22, saying that the back cover is very hard to open; the person cracked the screen trying to do that. Maybe they hadn’t found the right way to do it! Or am I likely to have the same problem? (I’ll still probably buy the phone. But a removable battery would make me sure!) Thanks.

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watch the vid

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I took a Moto E4 out of our lab and pulled the back cover off just to see how difficult it might be. It’s not a professional-grade video like the one @TheDoctor found for you, but it should give you an idea of whether it seems difficult.
Ha! Except it won’t play from my Google Drive!

Use this link.

(Edited to remove non-functioning video.)

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replacement battery

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and the external charger?

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E4 back should be as super easy to remove as my G4 and G4 Play. Nd battery R&R as easy.

Unless I’m missing something the E4 has an easy to swap out battery like the G4 Play. First video is for the E4 Plus and not applicable. I’m unable to view southpaw’s link.

Unlocked US versions of E4 should be the same as these:


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Wow, @TheDoctor! I’d forgotten about extended-life batteries. I used them on the fabulous T-Mobile MyTouch 4G slide, years ago. With the built-in QWERTY keyboard, the phone was so thick and heavy that extra battery depth+weight wasn’t an issue. :slight_smile:

Unless I read anything else in my other posts with a big negative for me, now I’m sure I’ll buy this phone. Thanks!

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