MOTO E4 - Battery - Over Heating - Erratic Charging/Discharging Behavior


The battery + os setup seems pretty good that its able to last more than a day. I charge it at 40%+ up to around 80%.

But battery is behaving erratically on mine. I’m curious if the issues are isolated or is it a batch issue. (Battery batch could have been damaged if improperly stored. May be not.)

Are there other Moto E4 users seeing the same issue? Listing a bunch of issues below.

–Battery temperature jumps around erratically when discharging.
–Battery gets hot while charging and temperature goes up and down.
–Battery mV moves up and down while charging and discharging.
–From time to time battery percentage jumps/skips a few steps. For example percentage point stays in one place let’s say at 70% for two or three hours then jumps down to 50% at next percentage change.


I am not seeing this issue represented in charging or battery related tickets on the E4. We should focus on your issue and not whether this is a bulk issue. That will happen organically.


Cool. Good insight on the tickets. Let’s focus on my issue. First question is - is this normal behavior for the battery? Next - What am I going to do?


All you can do is try and figure out when it happens. Nothing is random with computers.


It happens every time since the first charge.


Hi @briha,

Could you tell us more about your situation? Are you mostly on cell or Wi-Fi when this happens? Have you tried putting the phone in Safe Mode to see how the battery behaves without any third-party apps? What is your cellular signal strength like? What is the range of battery temperatures you’re seeing?


Thanks for your help.

Mostly on wifi. Haven’t tried safe mode. Cell signal is great (nyc). Temperature ranges from low 80’s to high 90’s. I’m comparing the temperature jumps to my old phone. I changed the battery on that one and temperature stays steady.


In case when the battery issue is being looked at - found something new today. I used a cold/ice pack under the phone while charging and noticed that the temperature stays low/decreasing and mV count rises steadily (as opposed to mV jumping up and down erratically under normal circumstances). So battery experts might know what is going on if the battery is problematic.


Sounds to me that you have a faulty battery. (Even if the problem does come and go.)

Have you tried reaching out to Motorola for help on this? They’re the ones to contact for hardware issues.


I haven’t. Should I use device help app or email them?

(Scratch that. Device help doesn’t have chat function)


UPDATE: Just chatted with motorola support. They want me to get an exchange phone from RW OR return RW phone to get a new one from motorola for full price (they don’t price match). They won’t change the battery. They won’t sell a battery.

:S Don’t want to go through this elaborate process of exchanging phone with RW just to get a non-defective battery. Is there no way to just replace the battery?


My 2 cents the phone is under Moto warranty they should either warranty exchange the phone [or just the battery]
They should not required Republic to exchange or tell you to return and buy from them, it’s build by them and they should back it up
I would ask to speak to the chat supervisor or try to call them on the phone [I always got better results on phone over chat with Motorola]


Call them and ask to be escalated. I have used the chat feature before and it’s less than efficient to say the least.


I’m gonna call them tomorrow. :S The chat person said clearly that motorola doesn’t exchange battery. Only the entire phone. ALso, they brought up purchasing it from them when I said that getting an exchange from RW doesn’t really solve the issue beyond doubt because RW has no clue what is going on inside the box and that RW doesn’t know if the battery is defective or not and they obviously can’t check. So the chat person said that to buy it from motorola directly.

I’ll call tomorrow. Has anyone had prior interaction with motorola about battery exchange?


No. I have had full phone exchanges though.

For the record, Republic does do phone exchanges and they would gladly get you one if you decided to go that route.


I fully trust RW and that they would do an exchange if it comes to that. But it seems to me like a gigantic amount of waste just to exchange a battery. I’ll talk to motorola tomorrow. They’ll just do a battery exchange. or after that I would ask rw if they are able to solve the issue without doing a full exchange. I visualize rw to be this little office where they don’t have personnel to solve a battery issue so they do full phone exchanges… so I feel kinda bad asking them. haha. Its true to some degree. May be not this comical. But its true. So after that I’ll have to look into making a purchase on my own from ebay or something.


I just want to clarify for anyone who may not be familiar with our forum that this “for the record” and “they would gladly” is coming from a member, not an employee.

We can’t make blanket statements as to what we would or would not do, because every situation, even when someone says, “I have the exact same thing”, every situation is different and we must evaluate each one individually.

We would certainly appreciate the chance to evaluate your situation @briha, which would include some additional troubleshooting, as well as assessing some account factors, to see what we can do to help.


I’ll open a ticket next week. First I want to see how motorola handles this.


My Moto e4 says it’s charging but it dies super fast I went from probably 100% down to 50% in like 5 minutes I don’t know what’s wrong


That’s the sign of a battery dying. Damaged/improperly stored battery gives out suddenly like this. Mine is working fine. I haven’t really measured deterioration since the time this thread was started. I gave up on the issue because solution isn’t easy. There is no way to get an easy battery exchange. It seems like the battery will eventually die and I will have to get a new one.

You can open a ticket with rw and see if they’ll do an exchange. They would ask you to send the phone for an exchange. otherwise motorola will do that since the phone is within its one year period.