Moto e4 carrier (temporarily unavailable) cdma


Wondering if I should wait to buy Moto e4 until cdma is available…or if a current phone will run cdma once it is available…only get reception with cdma :(…



Hi @alexanderw.kgqocu

Given that you have no (questionable)GSM coverage, and that CDMA will(may) come to the RW E4 eventually, I would advise “no”.

If CDMA is a must for your area, the chances are, you may be able to get the phone at the same price or on some kind of sale by then.

I would expect CDMA would come rather quickly given the progress RW has made, but that is by no-means guaranteed.

That said, it’s a good price for the product,
in my humble opinion, and if you have the finances to speculate, it might prove to be a worthy investment.
edit: the E4 is not produce, rather, it should be classified as product

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I was curious if there was any update to this? Or if there was a more conceivable timeline besides “eventually.” Like are we looking before the end of the year? Or is more of the idea that it won’t function on CDMA at all at this point?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Because of the multi-party development nature of this feature, there would be no way to give a date that would be based on anything.


When will Moto E4 have CDMA capability?
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