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I know that Republic has the USA version of the E4, and that I shouldn’t buy a case that fits European Version because the speaker on the back and other things make the cases not compatible. However, is the Republic XT1768 version compatible with cases made for XT1767 (Version) Moto E4?


Hi @nicholass.6hmhnx,

First, for others reading here, there is no Republic specific variant of Motorola’s Moto E4. As with all 3.0 phones, Republic sells the North American factory unlocked variant.

I’ve done my best to determine the difference between models XT1767 and XT1678. As best I’m able to tell the difference is XT1767 is a carrier branded variant available for Verizon, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and U.S. Cellular. XT1768 is the North American factory unlocked variant. You may see both at Motorola here:

To attempt to directly answer your question, I would think any case made for a U.S. variant of the E4 (regardless of model number) would work.


Thank you so much for your response! I contacted a case vendor and I was informed that the cases for the Verizon model will work fine with the Republic model. My case and phone are on the way!


Thank you for taking the time to confirm with a case manufacturer. I’m confident that will be of use to others reading here. :slight_smile:

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