Moto E4 case, where?


Hard to find. I did find one on Amazon but it’s clearly wrong as it covers the mic.
Recommendations from anyone who bought one that fits?


Hi @ckh,

We do have one case for the E4 in our online store: (link)

I know sometimes carrier pricing on accessories is not as competitive as big-box or online retailer pricing, but maybe that’ll give you something specific to look for elsewhere.


Thank you for that.
I just learned that Moto E4 cases come in an American version and an Asian version.
Different phones.
I don’t think the market has figured that out yet.


I am having a similar problem. Even some of the ones marked for the US have issues. Just bought one and it didn’t fit correctly either.

The Dretal version on Amazon seems to have alot of positive reviews but never heard of the brand before

Incipio is a great brand and the one the Republic is selling on the Incipio site for the same price but with free shipping. Debating myself whether to get even though it’s double what I wanted to spend

Screen protectors have been hot or miss too


There is one theory that the E4 is too new and the accessories market hasen’t had time to respond to it yet.
At least the Amazon case has one positive review from an RW client, so it appears to be the best option now.


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