Moto E4 CDMA, Sprint?



Under specs for the Moto E4 it says CDMA temporarily unavailable, is that likely to change? We camp a lot and so we’re never sure on coverage, my phone it’s work Verizon, the wife is on a 1.0 Republic plan (Sprint) and my son’s phone is on a current Republic plan on T-Mobile. This means we’re covered as long as there’s any tower nearby. We’d hate to lose this advantage when the wife’s Moto X dies and the Moto E4 seems like the perfect replacement device if we can use it with the Sprint network as it’s almost as small as the X and about the same power.


Note: The Moto E4 will be compatible with our GSM network beginning June 30th. It will not be compatible on our CDMA network until later this year.

There are no exact dates but it should be comming soon.™


Is the lack of CDMA a hardware or system/software issue? e.g. Does that mean that if I want CDMA access via the coming moto e4;

I can buy the moto e4 now and at some time in the future Republic Wireless will provide it with CDMA access, perhaps with a software update?


I can buy a moto e4 now with only GSM access and if I want CDMA available sometime in the future I will then have to buy a more recent CDMA capable moto e4?


It appears to be a system issue which Republic expects to over come later this year , I would expect Republic will be able to remote set up a current GSM Moto E4 to make it CDMA and send out a replacement SIM similar to how theyh are doing this for other CDMA capable phones


thanks for the quick reply! Isn’t the sim strictly related to GSM access?

Have they documented this on their website anywhere? I could not find any mention other than the (unavailable) on the tech specs. I’m hoping it will only be a simple update. I want the GSM (i currently use the original moto e with no GSM) now as I will be traveling in gsm only areas and want to pop in a local sim temporarily. I hope to have CDMA when I return home or at least not have to buy the ‘same’ phone over again in a few months.


Even CDMA carriers use SIM for LTE networks, (LTE is based on GSM)
the main difference is GSM uses SIMs for account registration (which is why to change GSM phones is just swapping the SIM, While CDMA registration is done to the Phone and the SIM just give LTE access to a registered Phone
for 3.0 all data is at best technology and has 4G LTE included


Thanks for the education - I didn’t know LTE was a GSM technology. Why would the Moto G5 plus have cdma available but not the e4? Wouldn’t it use similar tech for communications (ignoring processor and graphics differences)? I’d get the G5 plus if it’s size wasn’t more suitable for mounting on a wall than putting in a pocket.


as for why the Moto E4 is not launching with CDMA Republic claims it’s a technical issue between themselves and the CDMA carrier (speculating this may be due to Sprint wanting to approve of the phone build before allowing on the their network)


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