Moto E4 first impressions



So coming from an e2 for the last 2+ years, my first phone on Republic after many years on Verizon.

I like the removeable battery, it could increase the life of the phone if the battery starts going soft after the first year or so.
Seems fast enough.
Price point is great, I hate how phones have gotten out of hand price wise.

The bad:
The back of the phone is slick plastic and doesn’t have a nice grippy feel like the rubberized e2.
A few times I have tried to send picture texts (MMS) they have failed, after a couple more tries they go through finally.
The no CDMA needs fixed quickly. It is fine in my market (KC) but wont work if I go to Omaha soon.

About the slick back, I put about six coats of black “PlastiDip” rubberizer on it. That brought the rubbery non slip feel back to the phone. They make plastidip in many different colors. I dislike big bulky cases, so this worked out well.

That’s it for now, will update as I use it more.


Wouldn’t a case be better? It would protect the phone and make it less slippery.

We will only offer that when it works properly but we are still a not close enough to venture a guess. It is really different.

MMS is sent over data, could it be the coverage difference with CDMA vs GSM?


Phones have always been out of hand in the price point the only thing that change is that their price is no longer hidden by carriers rolling in most of it in to the contracts [quote=“jasonf.y1goqa, post:1, topic:10303”]
The back of the phone is slick plastic and doesn’t have a nice grippy feel like the rubberized e2.

I would recommend a Skin over a "PlasticDip"
Vinyl skins give the grip which being easy to remove


Like I said, I don’t like cases. Since the back is removable it is very easy to coat with plasti dip. It is rubbery and dries fast and is very tough. People coat their cars with it.

Yes, phone prices get rolled into contracts cause alot can no longer afford them. $4-800 phones are ridiculous, and on top of that since they are so expensive you need to carry insurance on them and that adds more to the cost. With a $100 phone insurance isn’t a big deal, heck the deductibles on some of those phones are like 50-100 anyway.


Ya, could be on the MMS, but eventually it works, just have to retry the image send a time or two and it goes.


Tried sending MMS pic 3 times and recipient said never got any of them. Issues?


Or is it because I’m on cell and not wifi?


Nevermind, it was on the receiver’s end this time. But still sometimes the send fails.


When you see that the send fails on the phone that means that it could not connect to our servers through the Internet to send them. That is the meaning of the message. I usually have this issue if I am connected to cell and have some open WiFi I am connected to but do not really have Internet access.


I actually just ordered two E4’s for my sons, which should be arriving this afternoon. I really wanted to get them a case, as I am loathe to let them run around without one. However the Incipio NGP Advanced case is listed as out of stock, and when I checked elsewhere it is the same, basically saying “coming soon”. Any idea when these cases will be available, as they look like really nice cases, perfect for protecting breakables from teenagers.


I can’t say when the NGP case will be available but there are lots of cases out there and at better prices
Amazon Moto E Cases


Excellent, thanks so much for the info!


Just make sure the E4 case you order is for the US version and not the international version.

If the picture for the case shows an opening for a speaker on the back rear, then the case is for the international version and won’t fit the Republic version correctly


The SIM card that came wtih the phone, it is a GSM or CDMA? and what’s the difference between the 2 of them?


the SIM card on the Moto E4 right now is GSM meaning it’s the SIM that registered to Republic vs the Phone which means the SIM could be move to another Approved Phone and work with out going though another activate , It also means the backbone Cell network will be the GSM partner (T-Mobile)

CDMA SIMs are linked to a registered phone to access the CDMA partners 4G LTE networks and can not be moved to another hone (the CDMA Partner is Sprint)


Ok, so its using tmobile instead of Sprint? In the beginning when RW was sending out SIM cards,was that the cdma or the GSM?


Jason, you might try and uninstall the messaging app, then reinstall… Cause I was having trouble yesterday sending a text via cell.


Legacy phones where all CDMA [Sprint], 3.0 when launch in July/August 2916 it was GSM [T-Mobile] only [and BYOD is still GSM]
Starting around November 2016 Republic did a soft launch on 3.0 on CDMA, this was made a full launch in January 2017
Now if coverage is not ideal Republic may be able to switch the backbone partner assuming the phone has radios for both networks,
As stated above the Moto E4 is GSM only until a technical issue allow Republic to activate on CDMA which Republic thinks will be later this year


Ok thanks! Not sure of the coverage here of T-Mobile…that’s why i asked that question.


I also have purchased an e4. Will Republic notify customers that have purchased one when the CDMA becomes active on the phone? Will we need to install a new SIM card?