Moto E4 GSM only?


I upgraded from Moto 2nd gen which I realize was cdma. I never had great coverage here–very rural, mountains–but could at least text at home and had a decent signal in neighboring towns. I checked coverage map for my home zip code and surrounding ones. Results showed MotoE4 would work.

It does not work. At home and in same area around home only emergency calls possible, not even enough signal for texting. I’ve been reading various forums on Republic website and I think the problem is that the E4 is GSM. It appears I cannot have Republic switch in a CDMA SIM card although the phone’s specs on the purchasing page list it as compatible for both.

Any ideas as to how to solve this? I’m not pleased that it appears I received misleading info. Thanks for any help.

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Hi @lauriet.77nlyt,

Please open a support ticket. Our support team will evaluate your coverage situation, and can now offer a CDMA-capable SIM card for the Moto E4 when it would result in improved coverage.

Be sure to indicate that you were happy with the coverage on your previous phone.



That definitely sounds like a solution! Thank you very much. It is very challenging to receive cell service in this area and I have been happy with Republic, especially at their prices. Thank you again, and for the quick reply as well.


Do you have any WiFi at home? … with poor cell coverage Republic Wireless really shines with its WiFi calling
Sorry … question was for @lauriet.77nlyt

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