Moto E4 has zero cellular service for a week! No help from Republic


Hello all, So after a week of trying to get customer service help and they keep telling me to wait I’m giving up and asking humans. Anyone out there have your motto e4 cellulcar service just shut off and not come back on??? I cant do calls or anything and I have over 900mb left for the month. I have tried pulling out and reinstalling the sim card, made sure roaming is on and cellular is on and its not in data saver mode. Tried restarting and still nothing.


Please post your ticket number here in this thread. I will have someone that is an employee of RW look at the ticket to see if it has been escalated to the right tech level.
Only certain employees can read the tickets. The great members of this community can not get into the ticket so your privacy stays private…


Thank you, ticket number is 1254829.


Hi @michaelg.7coxad,

I apologize that your issue has taken so long to sort out. I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that there has been a lot of research going on, and I’ll make sure they are aware the your situation is urgent. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do for you.


Thank You @southpaw for your help for @michaelg.7coxad


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