Moto e4 new conversation text

When I want to start a new text and select recipient it automatically brings up the last text to that same recipient. How can I begin a new conversation?

You can type your new text in the same conversation. There is no way to maintain two or more independent conversation streams with the same recipient. If you prefer to delete the existing conversation…you can do so
by long pressing on the conversation in your list of conversations and then tap of the trash bin icon on the top to delete it.


Well that’s disappointing.

That’s just the way texting works. It doesn’t have anything to do with Republic. A texts is “stateless”. It is just sent. The phone then adds it to the stream with the same phone number. When you send a text your phone has no idea whether the recipient has kept your previous messages, deleted them etc. And what you’ve done on your end has nothing to do with what they recipient sees on their end.

Is there a way to save the original text and then start a new conversation?

Not in any texting app that I’m aware of.

Would archiving it work?

No achieving will just hide the thread until one gets a new message from the number or you send a new message to that number

I have a hokey solution for you.

Create a dummy contact in your contacts. Do not associate a real phone number with it.
Maybe just include an email address (this could be your own email address).

Once you are done with a conversation thread you can go into
Settings (three vertical dots in top right of the conversation) -> Add people -> Add your dummy contact to the conversation.

Next time you start a conversation with your original contact…it will start as a new conversation.

Repeat the above steps when you want to clear out the on-going thread.

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