Moto e4/no cell serivice but only at home

What phone do you have? Moto E 4th Gen
What plan are you on? talk and text plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data

I have had the moto E4th gen for two months and I am finding I only have cell service at home. I am on the talk and text plan and running the 3.0 system on the phone, there is no data plan. The Wi FI side of the phone has no issues as I can place and receive calls where there is Wi Fi service.

Anyone with suggestions what I might try to resolve the issue would be helpful…

Thank You

wait for there to be CDMA support on the phone (Republic is working on CDMA activation of the Moto E but there no ETA on when it might happen (at one time they said end of the year))

If Cell coverage is a must at this location then a ticket to republic support to see what they can do for you Republic Help

I have the same phone.It has deadspots.The camera is awful-pixelated pics.No flashing light indicator to show missed calls,msgs etc.Backward interface and a major step down from the first gen.

Sorry that you feel that way. Having had an E1, E2 and E4, I find the E4 an enormous step up with either of the previous generations.

When you say dead spots, do you mean in coverage or on the screen? If you mean the screen, that would be something that would be covered by the warranty.

For the camera, it should be far better than the E1 which didn’t even have auto-focus. Are you talking about pictures after they’re send by text?

The LED is gone on all Motorolas but you have the much more functional Moto Active Display.

I’m not sure what Backward Interface means, but the interface is nearly pure Android, so that has little to do with the phone. It means that you like Android Lollipop, but don’t like the newer versions, that would be a problem with any phone.


Camera:the pics suck without sending them out.The zoom will destroy your pics every time …its all blotchy and pixelated

Flashing indicator:when im driving i dont want to have to shake the phone and then read the screen to see if i missed msgs…another added step.

Interface:when u want to dl pics from e4,the device doesnt show on ’ my computer’…u have to pull down a menu bar to transfer pix.Wtf,would they make u go thru hoops to just get your pix.

The bottom line is my e1 was a lot better in these basic functions.And this is a basic phone so it should function as one and properly like the e1.

When i asked to exchange this phone after 7 days,rw told me that there was a 14 day limit which they included the 7 day shipping time so i was beyond that time. When i said this was unfair they said they would get back to me.They never did.

This is the kind of service that loses customers not keeps them.Yes,if i see a better phone from another company for similar plan,i will probably switch.

That doesn’t sound right. From Money Back Guarantee – Republic Help

Phone Guarantee - This guarantee is available for up to 14 days after the phone has been delivered, depending on where you purchased your phone.

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Before we write this off as a coverage issue.

Did you buy the phone from RW? The order flow should have warned you if the E4 did not have good
coverage in your area.

Did you buy the SIM card from RW? Did the coverage checker say that BYOP was supported in your area?

If you don’t mind sharing the zip codes where you typically use this device we can give you additional insight.

It could also be a simple matter of the phone not having been fully activated. If the coverage indoors isn’t very good when you activated the phone…then you may want to restart the phone in the vicinity of good cellular coverage outdoors and see if that resolves your issue. Also, it is important to keep Cell Data on even though you do not have cellular data on your plan.

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The phone was purchased from RW. I did not see where the moto E4 was not
optimal in the 68116 zip code as I did others. A RW employee did check some
zip codes where phone is used. I did a network reset and the phone seems
better for coverage. Time will tell…

Thank You

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Quite true on every single camera in the world without an optical zoom. The way the camera zooms is by cropping the image and expanding it. A 2X zoom reduces the image resolution by 50%. A 4X zoon reduces the image resolution by 75%. A fairly standard 8x zoom reduces the image resolution by a whopping 87.5%!

I’m not sure who you asked, but the information you were given was incorrect. The return period begins when the phone is received. If you opened a ticket on the issue, you should reopen the ticket and point out the error. Are you sure you weren’t told there was no way to exchange the phone, as Republic doesn’t offer exchanges and that instead you would have to return and buy the device of your choice?

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