Moto E4 - No cellular service!


Hello, I just bought a new moto e4 for my husband since he lost his old phone. The problem is that the phone doesn’t seem to work when it’s only on cellular service. I didn’t even know there was some kind of difference between GSM and CDMA phones and I’m surprised why republic would cell GSM phones if it uses Sprint towers that seem to not be compatible with GSM phones. Can anyone help me? We live in the 53705 zip code. He has been trying to use the phone in the 53706 zip code. Does this mean we need to return the phone or can this be fixed some other way. We do have the 1GB data plan with our phone.


Last year Republic add an GSM partner so phones can be either CDMA (Sprint) or GSM (T-Mobile)
Some phone on Republic 3.0 can only be used on the GSM partner and right now Republic is unable to activate the new phones on CDMA (Moto E4, Moto E4 Plus)
currently the phones sold by Republic that can use CDMA are the Moto G5 Plus, Moto G4, Samsung S7

I would create a ticket and see what Republic can do to assist you on this)


Thanks for getting back to me! I’ve just opened a ticket and let’s see if they do get back. it is really frustrating! Don’t understand why they don’t clarify that somewhere before one goes ahead and buys their phone.


On the phone shopping page [where all phones are listed] it is supposed to provide the phones that will work with the better partner, and if there not good service for a phone to will usually say so [base on zip code] the system is not perfect but this is why a help ticket is important so Republic can improver there behind the scenes coverage checker


Hi @nadiaa.e152kw,

I apologize for the frustration. Our system is programmed to try to insure that you end up with a phone that will work on your area, but sometimes even the best programming can’t anticipate the actual coverage like hands-on experience.

Thank you for opening a support ticket. Our team will work with you to see what kind of solution works best for you.


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