Moto E4 no longer working



Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: E4
Plan: $15/month
Plan Data: No

Issue Description

My new Moto E4 is no longer working. I’ve only had it for about three weeks, and now get a yellow triangle and “!” sign when I try to power it up. Has anyone else had this happen?


Update: I can’t figure out how to delete this post. However, the problems seems to be solved, and the phone is now restarting okay.


How did you fix it?


Not sure. The problem first occurred several days ago. The phone had charged all night, and “down volume + power” buttons always brought up the reset menu, but the phone just would not start. Apparently, the battery had fully drained by this afternoon, and the reset menu no longer came up.
When I plugged it in and began to charge it this afternoon, the phone started properly.


Don’t mean to revive a solved thread, but this might be a situation we’ll see more of. It might have been over heating issue with the battery. Did your phone get hot while charging? Mine (same e4) hasn’t switched off like this, but the phone gets hotter than expected. I’ve seen the same frozen state on my previous moto x when it had an old battery and it had over heating issues. I changed the battery and solved heat issues. With this moto e4 I’m seeing signs of the battery being old-ish. So according to battery university, improperly stored battery develops this “habit” of over heating and its charging measurements become unreliable. On my e4, I’m seeing battery levels jumping from time to time and mV levels move back and forth. These are signs of a battery that’s not in good shape.

So I’m thinking about posting a new thread for this focused on the e4. May be other e4 users seeing the same thing. RW then could possibly solve the battery issue before it creates bigger problems. Over heating could kill the phone.

(In case the frozen phone happens again: I solved it on my moto x in the past by disconnecting the battery and then clicking the power button quite a few times to use up any micro level power left in the sys. Then put the battery back in after it cooled off. That tend to fix it.)


Hi @briha!

If this is indeed a widespread issue, it is something Motorola will have to address as opposed to Republic. Motorola manufactures the phones and warrants them so they would be responsible for replacing faulty batteries and/or a software update to fix it.



Don’t really know if its widespread or isolated few. But my guess is since its older batteries they might be stored improperly in a box on a shelf somewhere. So this heat issue is probably more widespread. We wouldn’t know until users speak up.

I was thinking about creating thread for e4 users for this issue. It would have been even better if we had separate hub page for each phones. DO we have those, mb2x?


Sub-pages? I don’t believe I know what you are talking about (It’s probably just me :wink: l. You are welcome to create your own thread if you would like. General discussions would be the right place for that.


I meant separate sections for issues/discussions related to each separate phones listed under categories. But I guess you could you use tags instead.

I’ll create a thread for the battery issue.


Yes that’s what you should use the tags for. I think it would be overwhelming to have all the phones listed :slight_smile:.


Given the Moto E4 is a just released phone; it seems unlikely any battery issues would be the result of age. :confused:


True. It could be isolated issue for whatever reason. But I was doing some digging earlier and turns out this battery (gk40) is used in g4 play released about a year ago. So stored battery getting damaged developing heat and charging issue seems somewhat plausible. But don’t know though. Would motorola allow a lowered standard for quality control when shipping out these phones? It could I guess since its a low end phone. But don’t know.


This happened to me yesterday morning. When I checked the phone in the afternoon it did not work and displayed the yellow triangle with ‘!’. Luckily it charged. Cleared and reset the cache. Working.

The power profile showed battery went from ~90% to 0 in a relatively short time not long after I set it down in airplane mode. This may have caused overheating but I was not there to touch the phone.


Have had my phone about a month. Ran the battery down last night and got the yellow triangle this morning when I tried to power it up. Battery is at 3.5 volts which should be fine for a discharged battery. The charger works just fine with all my other devices, Was going to try charging the battery with the charger for my electric planes but it appears my son has it…


Currently having this problem with the Moto G4. I no longer see the yellow triangle and !, and can’t get anything other than a blinking pale-blue led near the charging port.

Good to hear it might fix itself, but when is that gonna happen? Lol

Occurred after a day of traveling, so the battery got pretty low, but never hot.

Off to look through other parts of the forum


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