Moto E4 - no network connectivity


I have a Moto E4 that suddenly (as of Wed 12/8) as lost all cell connectivity. All apps are currently up to date. I can send texts, receive emails, and browse the web, but I can’t make any calls. So far, I have tried rebooting it as well as pulling the sim card and replacing it. Issues with the phone begin about a week before when the telephone number masking failed. Could this be related to the imminent Republic announcement? Or is there something I am missing?


Hello @hannahl.t9hkos,

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Try refreshing the Wireless activation and let us know if it helps.


Please rest assured that nothing has been done to the current Republic service that would affect our current users.
The suggestion from @SuperT is the absolute best place to start.


Wow! This worked like a charm! Thank you for the assistance.


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