Moto E4 - Notifications won't drop down when swiped so I can clear them

My notifications at the top of the phone will not drop down when swiped so I can clear them.

Which phone do you have ?

Yeah that might help Moto E

Ok, just to get us all on the same page with you

  • Your phone is a Moto E4 (based on looking at some of your other questions :slight_smile: … we also have Moto E 1st & 2nd Gen
  • Are these Notifications from the Republic App, if not, does this problem occur on all app notifications?
  • A one finger swipe down from the top normally displays the available notifications, then depending on the app that posted them a swipe to the right should dismiss them
    • What occurs when you do the one finger swipe down?

Moto E

Hi @sandrab.7kcyhr,

Have you been able to figure out why you can’t pull down the notification shade?

Have you tried rebooting the phone to see if that helps?

Have you tried to clear cache?

Actually yes, someone suggested rebooting and that worked. I just need to remember to try that right away. Thanks for checking.

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