Moto e4 phone and entering secret codes

every time i think i know anything about RW & e4 phones, some wizard in the forum has a better idea. so i thought i better start here first.

is there a way to enter secret access keys to accessing frequently called numbers that require an access number afterwards?

in other words, suppose i call CallCentric. first, i enter their number, wait a bit, then star, eight-digit secret access code, then pound.

thinking something like this: [nine-digit-phone-number][pause][pause][STAR][pause]12345678[POUND]

or putting *[pause]12345678# as a separate phone number?

thank you!

Hi @edwardsmarkf,

I’m afraid Republic Wireless supports only 10-digit dialing. We do not support pauses and waits.


what about putting in the second part as another phone number? i have never done anything like this, hence the question.

My phone doesn’t offer any way to call a second contact (stored number) while the call is in progress, but I may not be understanding what you’re suggesting. It might be easier for you just to give it a try.

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