Moto E4 Plus Android update


I have a Moto E4 Plus running Android 7.1.1. Is it possible to update to 8.1 and does Republic Wireless support this. Where are instructions for accomplishing this?

Updating Android for Moto E (2nd gen)

Good Morning @phyllism.y4pqsf,

The short answer is no. The decision rests with Motorola not Republic as the manufacturer decides. More here: Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process.


in other words

looks like no plans but subject to change

possibly maybe


Rule of thumb on Android updates is

  • 2 Major updates and 3 years of security updates on Flagship models,
  • 1 Major Update and 2 years of security update on Mid-line Models,
  • no Major updates and a year of security updates(sometime) on budget models,

The Moto E4 (or E4+) are budget models for Motorola,
Moto G line are Motorola’s Mid-line models,
Moto X and Moto Z lines are Motorola’s Flagship models

here is Motorola’s Software update checker


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