Moto E4 Plus - File Transfer only by Android File Transfer? What about old school..?

I’ve use Android File Transfer to successfully transfer files between by Moto E4 Plus and my iMac. But exploring a new app (to me) DoubleTwist, it appears that I should have a mounted USB drive on my desktop when I connect the USB to the E4. (yup, I have USB dragdown set to “transfer files”)

I even uninstalled Android File Transfer. But still no USB drive on my Mac desktop. Thanks


Hi @senseijeff,

My understanding is DoubleTwist is intended to sync iTunes content with an Android phone. It is not (as far as I know) a general purpose file transfer tool. In any event, I don’t see how merely having DoubleTwist on one’s Android phone would allow a Mac to mount it as a USB drive.

There is a free companion syncing app for the Mac here: When I search on the term USB at DoubleTwist’s website, all of the returned articles are for Windows and/or Android. It’s unclear to me a USB connection is an option with a Mac though it may be.

I use a competing app to sync iTunes content with Android devices:

It works with USB (I prefer using WiFi) but, again, isn’t intended to be a general purpose file transfer tool. For that, Google’s Android File Transfer probably is the best solution. If wanting to move photos from your Android device to Photos or iPhoto (which you have depends upon age of one’s Mac), then changing the USB connection method on the phone to a “camera” is an option.

Good info! Thanks Rolandh!

Just curious about why the Moto E4 won’t mount a drive on my iMac? I’ve used Android File Transfer just fine (so those tasks can be done). But long ago when I had Android -w/ Mac the android appeared on the desktop fine. There must be an idiot switch (which I qualify for) that I haven’t found. Lol!


For what it’s worth, none of the Android phones in my household mount natively on my Mac’s desktop. Newer Mac filesystems don’t read Android device storage. It’s why Google developed Android File Transfer. I suppose individual manufacturers might have developed their own Mac drivers in the past but since Google has made Android File Transfer avaialble, there’s little incentive to do so now.

Is their some need Android File Transfer doesn’t serve? If so, more detail on what you wish to accomplish might help.

Thanks again. Well I do have AFT working to transfer files. I just was trying to figure out why Double twist wasn’t recognizing my Moto E4? I know my Moto E4 is connecting with my mac using AFT but not with Double Twist. I thought it had something to do with the mounting of the drive on my mac. Not a show stopper, I can move files manually with AFT but DT seemed like a useful timesaving tool. Thx

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