Moto E4 plus goes black during phone call

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Issue Description

My phone has developed an annoying habit. When I place a call or receive one, the screen goes completely black! There had been a previous topic on this, but my situation is not the same. I do have a case on the phone, but none of the sensors are blocked. What to do?

All the usual things:

  • Clean the screen
  • Power off/On
  • Clear Cache
  • Check to see if something may have ‘changed’ your display timeout
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Yep. Did all of those things. It still happens.

I have Moto G7 (using standard dialing app), that every so often when I’m ready to end my call and pull the phone away from my face, the screen remains dark. Doesn’t happen enough to bug me… but when it does, I put my finger on the finger print reader (I see your model should have one as well) and the screen comes back.

Are you using the standard dialer that came on the phone?
It would not hurt to open the Moto Help app and run a test of the Proximity Sensor too. :wink:

Added: You might want to test it on Safe Mode to see if another app is interfering with the screen.


Thanks, you may want to change the Display timeout to a longer duration, then reboot the phone and change it back to what you previously had before. I have seen other functions get ‘stuck’ … just a wild guess

I will try that!

I am using the standard dialer, but not the finger print reader.

My proximity test failed! What do I do now?

Hi @michaely.9uuizv - you might also try restarting the phone in safe mode to see if a 3rd party app is causing a problem. An update to an app could start causing a problem.

Here’s an article with a list of 3rd party apps and problems they can cause. Not sure any of them are directly related to your problem but it’s worth a quick read. What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help

A person in another forum reported that their E4+ stared acting wonky. For some reason the proximity sensor only seemed to work when the screen was on.

They discovered that if they went into the Moto app (that comes with the phone), and choose the “Moto Display” option, and turn OFF the Moto Display switch (sublabeled “Friendly notifications fade in and out while the screen is off”), the proximity switch starting working fine when the screen is off!

Just a few other things to look at and try! Certainly understand how frustrating the problem you’re experiencing can be.

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Here is a link for Motorola Warranty, you may also want to check your credit card to see if they provide an extra year coverage (some do)

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Thank you, @freddyp! I did see that my beloved WeatherBug might be the culprit. BUMMER! I will delete, reboot, and find another weather app. I’ll advise progress.

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@michaely.9uuizv - several people in a Motorola forum reports that their sensor failure appeared to be linked to the amount of light. For them, in pure daylight the proximity sensor worked as normal. However, in dim light, or darkness the proximity sensor is stuck ‘enabled’, which causes the screen to turn black as soon as a call is started.

The fix – Turn off the phone, place it in a very lit place, turn it on. Many claim that restarting the phone while keeping the display in bright light solved it.

I do not have an Mote E4 Plus so can’t say this will work. It’s a non-destructive test that might be worth a quick try! YMMV on the results.

If you take your case off and re-run the proximity test does it still fail?

Nope. Took the case off and there’s still no response when I place my hand over the scren.

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thanks for checking

So at this point I have tried these things:

Restarting in safe mode and clearing the cache
Getting rid of weather bug
Extending display time and then shortening it again
Taking off the case to see if it’s interfering with the proximity feature
Turning it off and on again in the light.

I appreciate all your assistance, folks, but so far, nothing.

See below, @freddyp. Thanks for using “YMMV,” though. One of my faves.

At this point it sounds like you have done everything but a Factory Reset.
If you do this trouble shooting step and the problem remains. (I would test without reinstalling your apps first). Then it sounds like a hardware failure of some sort and I would look into the link that @jben posted:

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Lo and behold, after a series of reboots – just short of factory reset – the problem went away. maybe it took a while for the phone to recognize that Weatherbug was not a problem anymore. Thanks for your help, everyone.


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