Moto E4 plus has poorer coverage vs. Moto x 1st gen


First of all I love my Moto E4 plus, however it’s doing something strange that I’m not sure if it’s related to the phone or to my new coverage. I had a first-generation Moto X and it’s starting to fade. I noticed that it worked rather well on the G3 with reasonable coverage where I am currently located. Now that I’ve switched to the Moto E4 Plus my coverage seems to be poorer. I only have LTE and E and no 3g. Even those go in and out of service in places where just a week ago I had plenty of coverage to upload files for work and use the web. Besides my phone upgrade, the only other thing that’s changed is I’m on a different Republic Wireless plan. Now I am paying 15 and then $5 for each additional gig of data. My previous plan was unlimited talk text with the Moto X 1st Gen. I’m looking for a reason as to why my coverage is different this phone.


Hi @jeffreyb.dcc2nx,

Your plan isn’t the only thing that has changed. The coverage on your E4+ has changed as well. More on that from Republic here: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.

If you’re occasionally seeing an E next to the cell signal strength indicator, your E4+ is provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM network partner rather than Sprint as your previous Republic phones were. Today, there is nothing that might be done to improve your coverage on the E4+, however, we expect that to change in the near future.

As a starting point, would you be willing to share the zip code(s) where you experience this, so that we may verify coverage in your area.




Looking at the T-Mobile maps for that area and does not look good sparse coverage with a lot of non-coverage

As of right now the Moto E plus is stuck on GSM untill Republic rolls out the CDMA for that model [whick should be soon as they just release the CDMA for the non plus version last week]
My recommendation is to put a support ticket and see what Republic can do and request to get a CDMA option as soon as they can


And where I work, mostly where I work is the problem. 97838. My Moto X 1st edition I’m pretty sure uses the Sprint heavily. Considering the SIM card actually says Sprint on it. Although I thoroughly enjoy the Moto E4 Plus almost unusable at work because the coverage in Hermiston. Okay. I will see about the support ticket. Thank you for your time.


Yes the Legacy phones where all on the CDMA partner (sprint) [the only partner when they where release]


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